We enable

Seamlessly extend credit offerings to
more consumers across the spectrum

About us

Fidem Financial® (Fidem) is a team of industry experts with over 250 years collective experience in all aspects of credit card and consumer lending, including product design, underwriting, pricing, marketing, portfolio acquisitions, and management.

What we do

Asset Manager for Existing
Lending Assets

We enable investors to purchase assets in consumer finance across product categories such as credit card receivables and consumer loans.

Marketing Manager for Acquiring New Lending Assets

We enable investors to fund and run new channels that leverage our industry leading expertise in new account originations.

How we do it

Transform the balance sheet

  • We enable investors to purchase existing receivables which allows financial institution partners to release capital and loan reserves held.
  • The assets move into a special-purpose entity managed by Fidem with funding provided by experienced credit card investors.

Accelerate Performance

  • We pay the partner bank for servicing, which creates additional cashflow from its existing scale.
  • Partner bank can therefore grow its asset base, increase the quality of that asset base, and drive greater capital efficiency.

Highly efficient operating models

  • We offer two operating models to partner bank sellers looking to optimize their balance sheet — either retained servicing or full conversion into our own servicing infrastructure.